Spirityoual “Mushroom Duo” Rose Quartz Eyes & Dark Circles

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Rose Quartz Mushroom Duo is a massage tool for the eye area. The massage cools and soothes the sensitive eye area. The duo reduces puffiness and dark circles and helps your eye care penetrate deeper into the skin. Rose Quartz Mushrooms are specially formulated for the delicate skin under the eyes. For an awakened and radiant look.

Effect: Awake & fresh look: The massage has a decongestant effect Naturally radiant skin: The stimulated blood circulation gives the skin a naturally rosy complexion Smooth skin: Activates collagen production and relaxes facial muscles.

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The aim is to relieve tension and stimulate the lymphatic flow, either selectively or through flowing movements. The skin itself may be slightly irritated, but should not be harmed. The gentle massaging movement with the stone should always be sideways towards the ears and down towards the collarbone. This way you make sure that toxins can be drained. Prepare Cleanse your face thoroughly before use and apply a facial oil. Activate & Smooth Start Gua Sha in the center of your face and pull it along your jaw towards your ears. Work up over the cheeks to the eye area. On the forehead, place the Gua Sha in the center and pull it outward toward the temples and upward from the brows to the hairline. Detox Move the stone in a downward stroking motion from the chin towards the collarbone. This activates the traditional method of lymphatic drainage and revitalizes your skin from the inside.