Pure Silk Collection Bonne Affaire

The Bonne Affaire handmade silk collection was created under the direction of one of the best skin experts in Bavaria, Madina. More than anyone else, Madina knows that skincare requires a holistic approach. As we spend a lot of time sleeping, our skin needs extra care and delicate treatment during this period, silk is perfect for this task and has many advantages and is your additional tool for skin care. It is ideal for all those with sensitive skin, also perfect for those with acne, eczema, irritation from the sun. Silk is an addition to anti-aging treatments. It moisturizes and smoothes the skin.
Has antibacterial properties. Silk quickly and gently dries hair. Reduces hair breakage and frizz. Longer lasting styles. Hair becomes shinier and smoother
It gives them a better groomed look. Last but not least, it’s a comfortable fabric for any time of year.