Bonne Affaire Pure Silk Pillowcase (Various Colours)

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Why do dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend sleeping on silk?

  • Silk has antibacterial properties.
  • It is ideal for women with a sensitive, dry or irritated skin.
  • Silk is breathable.
  • Silk maintains moisture in the skin.
  • If morning creases are one of the main concerns in your life then silk can really solve this problem of yours!

For hair:

Silk provides gentle and quick drying process after which your hair becomes smooth and shiny.

And, most importantly, silk is a very pleasant and relaxing material

Size: 51*71 cm




100% natural silk




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Caramel, Pink, White


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Care: Hand wash before use in cold water and hang to dry or use washing machine with gentle cycle & cold water in a mesh laundry bag, and hang to dry. Steam: Turn your silk pillowcase inside out to steam. Low heat setting