Shaquda UBU 6 Brushes & Stand

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This 6 brush selection is perfect for a natural and radiant makeup finish. Packaged in an attractive gift box which includes a Brush display stand to hold your brushes beautifully.
A gift of luxurious touch for your precious one.
Set Content
801 Classical face Brush
Classical face brush with brilliant design that is a renaissance of the original. Placing powder beautifully, naturally finishing the foundation, blushing and even shading. An amazingly handy brush.
Usage: Finishing, Foundation, Cheek or Shading
802 Sheer face Brush
Sheer face Brush that you can relish the luxurious touch of plenty of gray squirrel hair. The hair is slightly longer with a shape great for powder retention. Applying powder in a circular motion gives a clear radiant finish to the skin.
Usage: Finishing or Foundation
804 Soothing face Brush
A sexy rounded hair tip with a pleasant feel of Soothing face Brush. The delicate touch of 100% gray squirrel transforms make up time to luxurious sensual time. Gently applies powder or face color and finishes your skin radiantly.
Usage: Highlight, Cheek, Finishing or Foundation
820 Bright up Brush
The Bright up Brush has a rounded, symmetrical tip which conforms to the eyes angles. Appropriate for gently applying highlight powder, eye base color powder, stage natural and sheer eye makeup.
Usage: Highlight or Eyeshadow
824 Smoky eye Brush
Our Smoky eye Brush is best for applying smoky eye color. Sensitive hair creates a deep but natural gradation on the eyelid. Great for eyebrow color blending with a natural look.
Usage: Eyeshadow or Eyebrow
828 Lash brow Brush
The Lash brow Brush can be used for the eyelash and eyebrow. Discover a different texture from the screw type brush. Gives a beautiful natural impression by combing hair line and clear long eyelash finish without mascara lumps.
Usage: Eyebrow or Eyelash
DST1 Brush display stand 6
The Brush display stand 6 beautifully holds your UBU brush series in a vertical position.
The stand is made from natural walnut wood like our brushes, and finished in a sophisticated and uniform design.
Conveniently designed to store different thickness brushes using spacers.

In Stock

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Gift Box: Paulownia wood

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Size Box: W243×D44×H220mm


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