Shaquda SUVÉ Hand treatment brush

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Dissimilar hair tips caress the lines of the hand one by one to gently stimulate and delight your hand. As a treatment brush to caress lightly from finger to arm or a nail brush to gently polish the nails, your hand skin breathes healthy and attractive.

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Badger hair/Racoon hair/Walnut

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W55xD28xH73mm Package: W117xD132xH53mm


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Using the black hair, brush each finger 3 times from knuckle to nail. (Back of hand) Brush 3 times from web to wrist using brush vertically. (Back of hand) Brush 5 times from wrist hand base moving toward the forearm using whole brush tip. (Palm side) Stimulate and press each finger base for 5 seconds using a rocking motion. (Palm side) Stimulate and press in the center of palm for 10 seconds using a rocking motion. (Palm side) Brush in a circular motion from center of palm to outer using the brown hair. (Palm side) Dividing the hand into 3 zones, brush from wrist to finger tip 3 times each zone using whole brush tip. (Palm side)