Shaquda Leather brush case S

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Genuine Leather brush case molds to brush shape as you use it. Lined with swine leather for smooth insertion. Compact size for 1 to 3 brushes. Simple functionality, design, and genuine leather add joy and elegance to your precious brushes.

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Cowhide / Pig leather (lining)

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L195×W60mm Package:L195×66×H33mm


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Usage pre-caution Each portion of natural leather has its own unique assortments of marks, and patterns. While they may appear as scrapes or scratches, they are the leathers natural appearance and in no way effects the products use or durability. •The natural characteristics of the leather mean that there may be discoloration due to rain, moisture, friction, lighting or sunlight. Again, these are unique to leather and have no ill effects. •Also please note that the metal ferrule, or adhesive area can be damaged by heavy impacts or by excessive weight from other items. [Care for your leather case] • In case your case gets wet, dab dry it with an absorbent cloth and air dry in well-ventilated place. • Please use only cleaners and creams specifically designed for use with these products. • Please avoid storing products in high humidity areas. • Please do not use volatile liquids such as thinner or benzine to remove stains.