MDO Facial Sculpting Wand

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The FACIAL SCULPTING WAND uses breakthrough nanometer technology to promote blood circulation giving a lifted, firmer, fresher appearance and improves your skins elasticity

The FACIAL SCULPTING WAND will also boost the effectiveness of other MDO products.Ideal for daily use on all skin types (even the easily upset kind), it harnesses next-generation nanometre technology that delivers 6,000 vibrations per minute without any discomfort. This boosts blood and oxygen circulation — encouraging cell turnover and sculpting your contours for a fresher, firmer and lifted appearance of your face, neck, chin and jawline. It also boosts the effectiveness of your skin care, which makes it the perfect companion for MDO BY SIMON OURIAN M.D.’s extensive arsenal of ampoules and moisturisers.

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Cleanse and dry your skin. Make sure to remove all make up. Apply your favourite ampoule or a small amount of moisturiser to your face, neck and décolleté. Start at the jawline and place the Sculpting Wand on your skin. Gently push the bar upwards along your cheek bones towards your temples. Repeat movement until the ampoule or moisturiser has been fully absorbed and move to the next area. An upwards movement promotes a lifting effect. Avoid pushing downwards. After use, cleanse the wand with warm water and use a dry cloth to dry completely. Store the wand at room temperature in a dry environment. Use for 10-15 minutes daily for optimal results.