Faces of Fey Dermaroller 0,50 mm

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The Faces of Fey Derma Roller is ergonomically designed, hygienic, durable and equipped with fine, sharp needles. This is essential for providing a pain-free and effective application. The microneedling tool can be used as an at-home collagen-induction therapy to counteract fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, redness and stretch marks.

This tool is ideal for follow-up facial applications. It can b e more effective on deep-set wrinkles, scars or hyperpigmentation that are not removed with the 0,25 mm version. The needle size allows you to use the tool on the arms, décolleté or the back. This Derma Roller should only be used once a week at most


In Stock


Stainless steel needle.

Ergonomic handle with anti-slip perforation. Includes a storage box and hygiene pack.


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Directions of use: 1. Always cleanse the derma roller before use (special sanitizers) 2. Cleanse the face before use 3. Apply the appropriate active ingredients to the face (Hyaluronic Acid Booster Ampoules) and glide the derma roller across the face for 6-8 times in all directions 4. Cleanse the roller under warm running water and disinfect 5. Follow with subsequent skincare products.